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Scavenger hunts/ treasure hunts are a great option for office team building activities, because they are easy to organise and can be customised to fit your schedule, location, and team's needs.

Stress-Free Management

We handle all the planning and organisation, leaving you with minimal responsibilities and the time to focus on other tasks . Just tell us where and when you want the scavenger hunt to organised for, and then all you need to do is inform your colleagues.


The challenge is flexible and can be adjusted to fit your needs. This facilities any unique requirements that a company may have.

Easy Participation

Taking part in this team bonding activity is easy and straightforward for all participants. An easy to follow challenge list with instructions is provided, leading to a great experience.

Accessible For All

The scavenger hunt/treasure hunt challenges are designed to be inclusive and accessible for all team members.

We can host bespoke corporate scavenger hunt/treasure hunt challenges for you anywhere in the UK.

If you are a company, sports club or university group in need of an innovative team building event, get in touch to learn more.


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